Slice of Heaven

Now that schools are out across the state, this week is the first week we’ve seen the influx of weekly renters. Many people I’ve grown up with hate this time of year – and understandably so; Traffic lights that have been blinking yellow for months are now turned back on, roads that used to be two directional are now one-way-only. And let’s not even discuss the traffic. 

Mother of pearl, the traffic. 

But secretly, I’ve always loved it. Yearly, it serves as a reminder of how beautiful a place I live in. People drive from all over to rent homes, and stay in hotels, and frequent my favorite restaurants and stores during their annual family vacation. Others choose to vacation in this little corner of the world that I call home. So to all you jersey shore locals, let’s remember to share our little slice of heaven, and try not to curse out those bright orange plates as they miss their third [!!] opportunity to enter the 34 circle [what is it about traversing a circle that’s so difficult, anyway? Tips on navigating a traffic circle…that’ll be a post for another time] Because after all, those bright orange plates help support our uncle’s Italian restaurant on east Main Street, and our neighbor’s jewelry boutique on the corner of Bay Ave. 
And anyway, biking is great exercise.

                                  [my slice of heaven]


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