On My Wishlist: Swimsuits

As I was perusing Pinterest last night [follow me here] I was drawn to a number of absolutely adorable bathing suits. Instinct kicked in and I began to rationalize the immediate purchasing of said bathing suits. I had a miniature daydream of timeless bikini’s, quality fabric, a rich color still in existence come Labor Day… at one point I was prancing down the beach hand in hand with Channing Tatum. It was lovely.

….and then I was hit with a bit of déjà-vu. Because I’ve had this daydream before. Just ask the two designer  swimsuits sitting in my dresser drawer from last season. In perfect condition. So why am I sitting here this season trying to rationalize designer swimsuits if I have two perfectly good ones in my drawer? Well that’s silly, because last year’s swimsuits are from last year. New year, new swimsuit, yes? So here’s this seasons styles that have caught my eye. My wishlist that will [maybe] remain a wishlist, because sharing it with all of you is almost like buying it for myself. Almost.  

I love the detail the ruffles bring, without the use of a pattern or color change.
And for small busted girls, like yours truly, those ruffles can add a little something-something.
Found here

Filed permanently away in the Will-Madly-Lust-After-But-Never-Buy drawer
I haven’t quite figured out if it’s the long torso or the long legs [or maybe it’s both] that are prerequisites to the pinup
 look but whatever it is, I don’t have it. Madly in love, and green with envy of those who can pull it off.
Found here
Mixing prints [like this,  this and, dear lord, this] in the water somehow seems less risky,
not to mention exponentially easier, than doing so on land. This would be a fun way to ease oneself into the trend. Found here


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