I made a radical and executive decision yesterday to spend a day unplugged…and it was wonderful. Fiance had locked himself in the library all day to study for next week’s bar exam, Parents were on a plane home from California, and the rest of the free world was at w-w-work [not an easy word for a teacher to say during July and August] so it wasn’t as though I had people knocking down doors to get a hold of me, but something about the lack of expectation felt so free. If I wanted to know the time I had to wear a watch, or live without knowing [I went without], no instagraming, no pinterest….no blog. It felt strange, but strangely good. And while I don’t think spending any time over a day unplugged is necessary [let alone feasible…and trust me, you feel the relaxing effects after just one day] it is something I would recommend trying. Below are two pictures of what I spent the day looking at, [no, I didn’t take these pictures yesterday- that would be cheating] but I’ve had them on my phone for a while, as I moved from hammock to deck chair. 


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