Keep Smilin’

Let me just tell you – buying a house is hard. When I started this debacle [because that’s what it is, a debacle] everyone was all how-exciting! and oh-good-for-you! and, this is the best one, how-fun!   
If you’re buying a home, and someone says to you how fun immediately leave the conversation. More than likely, you’re talking to a masochist*. And yet, I remain calm. Because I appreciate everyone’s kind sentiments, their words of encouragement, and helpful advice along the way [even if none of it works…] Sometimes all you need is a good internet video [or picture] to keep you smiling. Below are a few of my favorite links that can always make me laugh. If you, like me, need a little pick me up this Wednesday morning, please enjoy. My treat. 

I love this man, and his shoes. 

This is a lot funnier if you pretend it’s a joke
[Country, how could you have let yourself go like this?]
Horribly inappropriate but it gets me every time.

How many douvres did that horse have?

Been there, done that.

*while writing this post I had to check the definition for masochist and sadist, as I always confuse the two. [My sincerest apologies for not being up to date on my terms of sexual deviancy. I’ve yet to read Fifty Shades.] Definition of a Masochist: a person who finds pleasure in self-denial. Yup, found what I was looking for. 


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