Weekend Book Review: Stay Tuned?

When I came up with the idea to do a weekend book review it stemmed from the many questions I get from family members and friends for good books. Everyone has a release, or a way to de-stress. For some it’s cleaning, or exercising, or distracting themselves with a DIY project. And while any of those would probably be more beneficial to my home, my body, or my blog [respectively], I don’t do any of those things…I read. Often. Particularly in the summer months when I’m not working. And, unlike a few other avid readers that I know, I don’t discriminate. I adore the classics [Catcher In The Rye  is one of my favorites; I read it every winter], but I equally love the light-hearted beach reads [anything by Emily Giffin and Madeleine Wickham is a must]. But if there is one series I have avoided like the plague it’s the Fifty Shades trilogy. I heard the writing is horrible, but honestly when did everyone get so snobby about writing? We read the National Enquirer and Star Magazine but jump on our literary pedestals over this series? I also heard it’s catered to the lonely-housewife demographic. We will flock to the movies in droves to publicly watch Channing Tatum strip for an hour and a half [no judgement. I haven’t yet, but I would] but reading Fifty Shades in the privacy of our own homes makes us lonely housewives? These arguments really make me feel bad for men. I’m a woman and I don’t understand us sometimes. 
I can’t come up with a reason I can understand for why I wouldn’t read this series. I bought them, all three of them, but I can’t seem to pick them up and start reading. But that’s my goal for this week. I’ll read them [I promise], with a full report next week. Anyone want to read them with me? We can be lonely housewives together. 
Enjoy the weekend – and happy reading!


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