On My Wishlist: Hats

I took an unexpected trip into Manhattan yesterday and, according to the world of fashion, fall has arrived. Why this surprises me is anybody’s guess and yet I still find myself surprisingly sad. Not to say fall isn’t bringing some fantastic things our way [think tweed, plaid, leather and oh I’m sorry Donna Karan but is that a popped collar you’re bringing back, girlfriend?] but it’s July and I’m a teacher so just saying the word fall is enough to give me hives. Lucky for me, as the fashion world gets ready to take on the fall lines, their summer lines are on major markdown.

Enter Joe Fresh. 
Ladies, Gentleman, Readers of all ages. Lend me your ears, your eyes, your bank accounts. If you are coming at me from New York, Canada, or Bridgewater, NJ then apparently what I’m about to say is old news. For the rest of us, there exists this wonder-of-wonders in three sections of north america where honest-to-goodness quality clothing can be purchased without breaking the bank. For the next week or so, while they are trying to get rid of their summer line, you can all but steal the clothes right off the racks. I’m talking price tags in the single digits, people. Before this week, I was the proud owner of exactly one hat. A cute little straw fedora that I wore every day for like two weeks straight and now it’s…somewhere in my car. Or maybe it was my closet. But I realized Tuesday that when hats are less than $9, and you weigh in the benefit of protection it offers your face from the sun, combined with the fact that August is National Hat Month…how could you not? Right?

In honor of this new holiday, here are a few hats worth…well, worth tipping your hat to. 

Perfect beach hat
Casual straw or formal linen? Both, please
Bigger is better, I always say. Classic black or fun coral
My version of the perfect hat

Sunglasses and a hat, all in one? Winner of the world’s funkiest hat.  

*National Hat Month was invented by yours truly in order to justify the purchasing of multiple hats. Join me. It’s going to be a great tradition. 

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