A Perfect Fit [-ting Room]

Has it truly taken us two thousand and twelve years after Christ to come up with this brilliant idea?

And in T.J. Maxx, of all places. I’ve done exactly this in every dressing room I’ve ever gone in, since I was old enough to buy my own clothes. I could never understand why stores would give you two hooks or worse, one bar to hang your clothes on. Doesn’t everybody sort their clothes in fitting rooms in this way? Granted, my word choices to describe my piles aren’t as elegant or polite – typically ranging from Mama looks gooood to For the love of all things holy, NO but the concept is the same. But I’ll tell you, it’s much easier this way. Particularly in a store like T.J. Maxx, where you walk in the fitting room with so many things  [the one by me actually has tickets  that say 16]
Here’s to hoping the rest of the world catches up soon. 

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