Raising the Bar

A few weeks back, Fiance sat for the NJ bar exam down in Atlantic City [lawyers are far too fancy-pants to take an exam, they sit for one]. It’s a grueling three month long study process that ends with a two-day, sixteen-hour exam. Needless to say, we were both quite excited to put the entire event behind us. I met him down there after the conclusion of day two for a relaxing dinner, a walk on the boardwalk, and a sneak peak at the new hotel and casino, Revel. Often we go to Atlantic City to celebrate a friends birthday, or a bachelor/bachelorette party, so it was nice to not have a schedule or agenda to follow.

A very tired Fiance and I enjoying a relaxing dinner
The new hotel and casino, Revel. This bar/lounge wasn’t open yet, but I’ll be
counting down the days until I can sit alongside that open firepit!
I almost deleted this picture for its blurriness but then decided that’s part of
why I like it. There’s a taco truck right in the middle of the casino, and its
completely covered in these vintage bottle caps.

Even the bathroom in Revel is fancy-pants.
What I’d give for 15 minutes with this decorator…



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