On My Wishlist: Back to School Shoes

The words back to school have struck fear and utter disbelief directly into the center of my heart for, well, the last two decades [oh my god!]. Being someone who can speak from both sides – as the student and the teacher – I can say with complete certainty that teachers dislike the words back to school more than any student ever could. Now’s the time when my first thought upon waking up is “right now I’d be in the middle of third period…”. 

But, alas, a silver lining. At least I have an excuse to buy new shoes [not that I’ve needed one in the past but it is nice to have one in your back pocket in the event a sarcastic eye roll from, say, your fiance comes your way].

Despite the unexpected pop of royal blue
these shoes would be the perfect everyday
heel. The large platform in the front ensures
comfort for those of us who don’t spend
our days seated.

A classic mary jane in a modern bright.
The shoe comes in other colors, but clearly
I am having a moment with the blue family. 

I love a shoe like this for the days when I
just don’t have the time to focus on my
outfit. Black pants and a black turtle neck?
Just add these bad boys, and pearls, and
be on your way. 
An absolute wardrobe staple. I own this shoe
in four colors – red, black, tan and purple. These
two color are next. [although I love you Butter,
Target made a copy that is dead on and my wallet
is singing in celebration]

Butter [again]
Although I will one day be the proud owner
of these, I have happily settled for a far less
expensive version in these pumps. 

Please note: this list is purposely and deliberately excluding boots. I’ve barely come to terms with back to school, coming to terms with the word fall is an entirely different animal.


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