College Season

Last week marked the first of three “college goodbye’s” that I will need to make this college season. My cousin headed off to Georgia Southern last week, my sister is off to Towson University on Friday, and yet another cousin is off to Rutgers University next week. I’ve said goodbye as my brother went off to college years ago but somehow, that didn’t affect me as much as sending my sister off is now. Perhaps it’s because I always viewed my brother and I as so close in age and my sister as so much younger. Either way, it feels very strange – and is making me feel very old. A few weeks ago my sister and her same-age cousin’s reenacted a picture taken of the three of them as babies and I’ve become obsessed with the idea behind that picture. Here is a group of guys who have done the same thing – taken a picture of themselves in the same spot, same pose, every five years for the past thirty years. I’ve already told Fiance that we need to quickly follow suit. What a unique way to mark the passage of time.

Below is the picture taken of my sister and cousins – first at age six months and then again at age eighteen.


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