A Place of Zen

I’m feeling quite proud of myself for a perfectly timed Real Housewives of New York catch-up marathon upon coming home from school today, the day before my first day with students tomorrow. It was just what I needed to decompress and chill out after running approximately the distance of a half marathon on the stairs [my classroom is on the third floor and, due to some reorganizing during the summer, the nearest copier is on the first floor. My quads are looking mighty fine]. I think for the first time in the five years I’ve been doing this, I actually [dare I say it?!] feel ready for the first day of school. I’m sure that feeling will all but disappear shortly – after all, there’s not a single plan in place for Monday…or any day thereafter, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. Here’s a few things helping me stay calm [and carry on]


Do I attend? Even though I have school Friday?
[considering this girl is going to be at the brand-spanking-new Piperlime store, I’d say that’s a YES]

Cute shoes under $40? Yes, please!


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