Some Bubbly…

Attending this year’s Fashion Night Out was a hectic, chaotic, beautiful mess. We met up with friends in the city with plans to peruse around Soho [home to Piperlime and Kate Spades famous grilled cheese and milkshakes food truck]. After missing our first two trains in Jersey [hey, sometimes Quizno’s calls and you just have to answer] we jumped on the E train downtown just in time for the people we were meeting to decide Soho was far too crowded [it was]. We were all anxious to hit up DVF, so it was off to Meatpacking we went. We hit up a photo booth at Kiehls, a tequila lemonade at Scoop NYC, and a champagne dance party at Tory Burch before we had to high-tail it back to Jersey to get something resembling sleep before work on Friday.


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