Back in the [New York] Groove

What a freakin’ week!
We try to keep things classy over here, usually, but if I could only put into words what last week looked like…well, you’re lucky I chose to use the word freakin’, is all. But now it’s Monday and I welcomed it with open arms. Despite the wonderful weekend, and the fact that every. other. teacher. I know is off today, I found myself happily getting back into the groove and letting things fall into routine again. It’s amazing how positively boring a routine could be until likethat you don’t have it anymore and then oh, how you crave it again. Below are a few pictures from this weekend where we celebrated the big 3-0 with some wonderful friends. [and, my dear, sweet, blogging world, get ready. Because the mastermind behind this party has finally been convinced to launch her own fabulous party-planning blog. Complete with tutorials. Perfectionist that she is hasn’t launched yet but I will keep you updated friends. Rest assured.]
The birthday couple.
Complete with a fancy car and Louboutins.
Pausing our craps game for a quick pic.  

Want the tutorial? Anxiously wait for above mentioned blog to launch. 
S’more Pops.
[Do I smell a sneak peek guest post dear Allison?]
two points for you if you recognized this blog post title as a homage to the Giants win yesterday. Yay!

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