Pet Peeves

So I learned a little something about myself this weekend…

This weekend was jam-packed [as usual] with a wedding on Saturday night and a family birthday party on Sunday. We managed to squeeze in a little beach time earlier in the day Sunday – with this weather, how could you not? – as well as a couple of classic Jersey Shore summertime hot spots [here and here]. While walking along the beach in Manasquan we overheard a conversation between two ladies. The one had stopped the other during her bike ride to complement the homemade dog seat attached to the back. The woman on the bike was explaining how she made it and, during the few seconds it took me to walk past them, I heard the seat being described as “brilliant”, “lovely”, and “beautiful”. Now let me assure you. The bike seat was cool. And resourceful. But it was a wire box. There was not a single thing beautiful about it. And, let’s be honest, the woman didn’t exactly split the atom during the creation of this seat. She used a piece of wood and a Phillips head screwdriver and meanwhile cancer has no cure, humans still can’t live on Mars and liquor stores have yet to offer delivery. Brilliant? I think not.

It was during this monologue [others might say rant] that I realize, although I too can err on the side of the dramatic, I loathe when people use adjectives incorrectly. Case in point, later that day I actually heard someone describe an ice cream cone as beautiful. PLAYER, PLEASE. 

Here’s to reserving the word beautiful to sunsets, brides on their wedding day, and a brand new pair of Louboutins [kidding…sort of.]

What about you? Does this drive you nuts as well? Or, more likely, am I just completely crazy? Do you have any pet peeves about things that, quite frankly, just don’t matter?


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