Thank You Notes

Dear Bruce Springsteen,
Thank you for playing the best encore I’ve ever heard last Wednesday night. Born to Run, Badlands, Thunder Road, Rosalita, and 25 straight minutes of Twist & Shout? BOSS.
With love,

Dear iPad,
Thank you for rejecting an update to iOS 6. And for getting so angry at my attempt to update you that you completely shut down for two days.
With love,

Dear Important Email Address,
Thank you for not backing up to my Cloud and being located on only my iPad this weekend.
With love,

Dear Pearl Ring,
Thank you for being underneath the passenger seat of my moms car when I didn’t even know you were missing and I can’t think of the last time I drove in my moms car.
With love,

Dear Thumbtack,
Thank you for being in the exact spot of my pinky toe when I stepped out of my shoe.
With love,

Dear Homes for Sale in Monmouth County,
Thank you for not existing.
With love,

Dear Fiance,
Thank you for being you. =)
With lots of love,



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