Fall, According to Steve

As October creeps in behind September, as
the air gets cooler while the night gets longer,
it can only mean one thing….
allergy season 
In high school I would always dread the start of the poetry unit in English. Up until that point, I was viewed as somewhere on the fairly-to-overly-competent scale, depending on the teacher. I read everything that wasn’t nailed shut, and was a decent writer, so English and I maintained a healthy, close relationship year to year. However, once Poetry showed up, we were toast. Finito. And our annual break-up wasn’t of the you-go-your-way-and-i’ll-go-mine variety. We weren’t the couple in high school who still smiled at each other in the hallway and said things like “I wish you all the best”. No. We were the couple that had a screaming match in the cafeteria, that couple that walked around for the next two weeks with personal bodyguards because each and every time we saw each other in the hallways we would hurl insults at one another.
But anyway. The beginning of this blog post sounded like a poem. Not a real poem but the kind of poem that I would hand in during the poetry unit while the rest of the class worked on becoming the next Robert Frost. And it’s killing me. Allergy season, not my poem. Spring allergies come on slowly, you can practically smell it before you feel it. They give a girl a chance to get ahead of her meds. Fall allergies, not so much. Yesterday I was feeling good [speaking of feeling good, watch this. Amazing.] and now bam. I’m under attack. 
But happiness is a state of mind. Right? So what if the weather is cooler, and the days are shorter, and my allergies have arrived, and oh yeah I’m back to school? Fall weather means fall shoes. And fall shoes mean Steve Madden. Nothing helps a stuffy nose and a scratchy throat better than a lil’ online shopping. Below is my favorite fall shoe from last season, happily dug out from the depths of attic storage this weekend. And below that is my newest addition to the fall shoe family. What are your favorite fall obsessions?


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