A Minnie Problem

Let me guess, you are obsessed with J. Crew’s Minnie pant. If you’re not obsessed with the Minnie, it must be because you’ve never tried it on. And that is a concept I can’t begin to wrap my head around. It’s been deemed “the only pant you’ll ever need” and I’d drink to that [though I must say, I’d drink to most things by this point in the week]. I own them in ‘vibrant flame’ and isn’t that a shame because it’s not as though you can get away with that color every day of the week. Luckily, I purchased them in black recently. And I say them, not it, because I purchased plural. Black goes with anything, after all. And didn’t someone once say when you find something you like buy two? No? Well someone should have. Actually someone should have said when you find something you like buy it in every imaginable color, since that’s what I’m doing.

Problem is, Minnie doesn’t come cheap. And certain people in my life that I love dearly don’t exactly see eye to eye with me on this whole own multiple pairs of an expensive pant when you don’t even like pants idea [I prefer dresses, is all. Back up from the gutter, all of you]. To make matters worse, the Minnie only comes in  a limited number of colors. What ever will I do once I have them all?

Thankfully, I found a potential solution. Did you Minnie-lovers out there know that the Loft sells the same pant, minus the name, for $59.95? And Loft loves to give things to you for 50% off, which makes us a match made in heaven actually since, as it turns out, I love buying things for 50% off. I just ordered fake-Minnie in blue and orange [both pairs for less than one Minnie. I know, right??]. I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, run don’t walk to the nearest J. Crew and buy the Minnie. Even if fake-Minnie is a win, everyone needs to own the real thing.    


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