WBR: Wifey

I had myself a momentous life event this week as I headed in to the local library for the first time in a decade. This was not by choice, mind you, as I would far rather borrow books for free than purchase them at the alarming rate that I do. But let’s just say that ten years ago, the library and I disagreed on fines that I owed. Well, first I disagreed with the library, then my mom disagreed with them, then we both disagreed with Her Royal Highness, Ruler of all Libraries, which resulted in me getting permanently blacklisted. [Do I look like the type of person that would borrow $350+ worth of books on retirement in Florida and never return them? At age 16, no less? But never mind…this story has been falling on deaf  ears for years]. A few weeks ago, my fiancé got himself a library card and surprised me with it. I finally made it in this week [yes, wearing wearing sunglasses and a scarf to hide my face] and….I went a little crazy.

First up is Wifey by Judy Blume. Once I heard it was the Fifty Shades of the 1970s I knew I had to read it. If you want proof of how times have changed [like you need it] read the backlash Judy Blume received for this book…and then go watch any PG movie out there today. Also interesting is the role of the woman in the household – especially considering this book was supposedly progressive! My, how far we’ve come. 

Unless your a real Judy Blume fan [guilty as charged] there’s no reason to buy the book but if you, too, are allowed in your local library pick up a copy. And please return it, will you? I hear libraries get cranky when you don’t.

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