Winter Necessities

Although I’ve put endless amounts of energy into the denial of this fact, mother nature is no longer allowing it to continue: Fall has arrived and winter is close behind. I’m taking my boots out of the attic this week, and replacing that attic space with shorts, flip-flops and my ever-expanding fedora collection [a la here] . After reading this article, I compiled a list of feel-good winter clothes that I’m craving right now.

Leather pants
It’s the mullet of the 21st century. Leather in the front, stretchy legging in the back. You want to look bad-ass, but the last thing you need is this scene as you head in to a big meeting.

Two tone loafers
I bought a pair of leopard print loafers a few weeks back. I have a difficult time passing up leopard print and when its Steve Madden + sale + leopard print, it’s practical impossible. What I didn’t expect was to love the look as much as I did. It’s the ballet flats older, edgier, cooler cousin who buys booze for all of ballet flats friends. And who doesn’t love the cool older cousin who buys you alcohol? Since I reach for my loafers practically every day, I’ve decided it’s time to purchase a more neutral color. This shoe goes with basically everything.

Leather Accents
In case you can’t tell, I’m channeling my inner biker chic this fall/winter [her name’s Sabrina and trust me, you do not. want. to mess.]. An obvious wardrobe staple for Sabrina is a leather jacket and I’m obsessed with this season’s fun take on a classic. This one is my personal favorite but for those of us whose winter coat budget doesn’t hover upwards of two thousand dollars, these two (1 and 2) are options as well. Or you could hop on over to Urban and practically steal this one.


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