After All

When I began this blog a few months ago, I wanted a place to discuss and explore the things that inspire me everyday. The very first week I began my Weekend Book Review as a way to discuss with my readers one of the things I love most in this world: reading. Since then I’ve discussed a number of books, as well as fashion trends, shopping tips, and beauty tutorials, to name a few. I’ve spent weeks trying to decide how to incorporate my love of travel into this blog in a way that speaks to me. I’m not interested in discussing basic travel tips [however…pack at least two days worth of necessities in your carry-on for international flights. Don’t have the room? Lose your luggage for three and a half weeks in a country where you can’t even recognize their letters and then tell me you don’t have room. Trust me: find room.] nor am I interested in discussing the beauty of touristy hot spots [although most of the ones I’ve seen are indeed beautiful].

I was very fortunate to have my first international travel experience as an extended one. I was in Europe for months, as opposed to days. Perhaps its because that was my first experience, and I had no other “travel traditions” to speak of, but I have traveled internationally numerous times since then and pride myself on being a traveler, not a tourist. As an example, I was in Rome for over a month before I made it to the Colosseum and if you asked me for ten must-see places in Paris, the Eiffel tower wouldn’t make my list.  Don’t get me wrong, the Eiffel tower is fun [and my name, along with my fiance’s, is etched into the cement at the southern corner on the second floor walkout] but I prefer to walk the less crowded side streets and find the tiny patisserie in the center of Montmartre where the locals are.

I immerse myself in the culture, and have made a fool of myself on multiple occasions as I attempt to speak the language [I once ordered a “what time is it lamb chop” at a fancy restaurant in France after I decided to speak only in French and mixed up the expression “what time is it” with “I would like to eat…” The stunningly gorgeous waiter laughed at me for days.]

I’m still working out the details on how, and in what context, but I can’t wait to bring my love of travel and introduce him to all of you.

Sunset in my favorite city in all the world. Can you identify it?

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