Bag Girl

Every girl has their vice. For me, there is a magnetic field from my very soul into the heart of either the shoe or outerwear department in any store I walk into. I stopped counting the number of coats I own back in ’05 when the world’s smallest dorm room (née closet) had no more hangers and I used two jackets as a pillow until my mother came with more hangers (since buying my own hangers would have been ludicrous)

However, this past weekend was the celebration of both my fiance’s 27th birthday and a close friends 30th (and my mom’s xth…she’d kill me if I said more.) My friend’s husband bought her this gorgeous, long-loved-from-afar Prada bag and I’ve since been on a bit of a handbag kick. I don’t think I’ll ever justify spending more than $100 on a handbag – mostly because I treat mine terribly – but  when I hit the sale racks at Charmin’ Charlie and T.J. Maxx this winter, here’s where my inspiration will be coming from.

I first confessed by love for all things neutral here and this bag certainly doesn’t disappoint. Steve Madden incorporated snakeskin, gold accents, and a metal chain without looking over the top or show-stealing. Well played. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs is kind of like a long way of saying can’t go wrong. The leather is so soft you want to snuggle with it and the color-blocking ensures an effortless match to almost any outfit. 

Clearly I’m living out a color-block moment but this Pour La Victoire bag is perfection (and it’s currently on sale at Piperlime – run! don’t walk!)

What’s a handbag wishlist without a little Rebecca? I’m pining after the first one for it’s classic shape in this season’s hottest color and the second one tells me story: winter kidnapped summer and hid her in a handbag. She’s bursting to get out but winter is putting up a fight. Basically, it’s the story of my soul.



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