[author’s note: this post was originally meant to go out last Thursday. In my allergy related, drug-induced state,
 I never pressed publish. Good thing, too, because now, even without power, I have a post for you all.
Sandy, be good to us. ]

Sometimes all it takes is the world’s slowest moving week coupled with a massive allergy attack to make one really appreciate the little things in life [ever notice how the people who say fall is beautiful happen to be the same people who don’t have allergies? I get it – summer’s over. Bring on the frost and kill the pollen. PLEASE.] Not much can keep me going through the fall allergy season – but here’s a peak at what is currently working.

[gorgeous sunsets off the boat]
[ice cream with sprinkles + a side of sprinkles]
[Orange lipstick + a fun Halloween manicure]
[leather pockets]
[Friday night wine club]

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