Pumpkin Crafts

Today I made the decision to celebrate Halloween. This was not a thought-out decision, but rather one of circumstance. I had sequins, acrylic paint, and glue but absolutely nothing to paint and bedazzle. There was a tree blocking my car (thank goodness it wasn’t on my car) so running to the store wasn’t an option. This was a use what your momma gave ya moment – and my momma gave me pumpkins (a week ago…but they sat naked until today).

I sequined, studded and painted my little heart out in those pumpkins. While I’d still prefer to never have met Sandy, or Athena, one good thing that came out of this whole mess is a fantastic decorating idea for the future. Once my car isn’t blocked anymore I plan on scouring the discount racks of my local craft store for plastic pumpkins. Next year, I plan on recreating these looks on something more permanent than a piece of fruit.


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