Color Change

I must have painted my nails half a dozen times in the last week. At least. In theory I had some pretty nifty ideas but, unfortunately, none of them panned out. Your imagination will do amazing things once television and Internet aren’t options.

I learned this dandy little trick for removing nail polish awhile back, probably on Pinterest, and it certainly came in handy this week. You use a capful of nail polish remover, and less than one cotton ball each time. For someone who paints their nails as often as I do, that’s a very efficient use of materials.

A few helpful tips I learned along the way:
1) Dip only a very small corner of your cotton piece into the polish remover. If you dunk the entire thing in it drips down your arm, and makes a huge mess
2) Leave the pieces on your nails for at least two minutes – longer for very dark colors.
3) When removing the pieces, push down and away from your hand. The science behind this is lost on me (I looked it up) but if you push in any other direction your nails get very brittle and scaly.


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