The Blues

I would say normal people probably utilize the Bluetooth function in their car when making a phone call…and probably at no other time. It’s difficult to find other uses for a feature who only boasts one quality: hands-free phone calls. However, and maybe this is just me, the post-thanksgiving deals this year were significantly better around these parts than in years prior causing an inappropriate amount of shopping to be done on my end. One’s Bluetooth can also come in handy when you’re searching your entire car, and its numerous bags, for your cell phone for, oh, five hours [probably 3 minutes, but it felt like 5 hours] only to realize you’re on it. In my anger at not being able to find my phone, I accidentally touched [slammed] my hand to the Bluetooth button on my steering wheel and heard Siri’s beautiful voice informing me, Phone in use. End call before beginning new call. So thank you, Siri, for reminding me of the basic rule for phone use. And thank you, Bluetooth, for telling me what I so desperately needed to know: my phone is not lost. It’s attached to your ear.

You might think the aforementioned shopping escapades of this weekend would deter me from Cyber Monday. You might be wrong. Here’s the deals I’m loving today, with a few gift idea’s at each place.

Ann Taylor Loft: 50% off everything with code todayonly. They have the comfiest pj’s and cutest slippers. Perfect for an overworked coworker or friend. Attach a little note [relax this holiday season! with love, ….] to these two things, and maybe stick in a holiday movie favorite to encourage the ultimate relaxation weekend.

J.Crew: 25% off everything and free shipping (no minimum) with code monday. I’ve discussed my infatuation with the Minnie pant here. For the stylish friend or family member who has it all, introduce them to this pant and you might just change their life. They also have the most adorable passport holders, and stationary for those pesky workplace secret Santa’s. [as a sidenote for those of us less obsessed with labels, jcrew factory is having 50% off today only with code yourgift. Just don’t buy the Minnie there, not the same and not worth it]

Piperlime: 20% off everything with code cyber. Piperlime is the place for boots, in my opinion. The best part is the company that owns Gap and Banana Republic [30% off with code cyber] also owns Piperlime and Gap/Banana gift cards are honored there. Run, don’t walk. And definitely hit up the boots section.

Club Monaco: 30% cashmere with code monday. This is the store that I would buy exclusively from if I was a billionaire. I say billionaire because I’m fairly certain millionaires still can’t afford to buy exclusively from here. What I am certain of is that every single thing you purchase from this store you will fall in love with, and is comfortable enough to sleep in. Buy these, and don’t look back.


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