For the Good of Mankind

Have you ever gotten completely consumed by a television series? I’ve been watching Dexter on Showtime for the past three years and about a month ago realized that seasons 1-5, which I missed, were on demand but…only until December 18. I have spent so much time in Dexter’s world lately that I forget my own reality. That red truck? I’m pretty sure it was behind me yesterday. Am I being followed? Wallet, phone, chapstick…where’s my M99? Oh. Right. I don’t have any.

Considering this weekend is the season seven finale, and that I have officially watched five of the seven seasons in under thirty days, I think it goes without saying that a book review this week just isn’t going to happen. I have three books a-patiently waiting for me but you know what? Killers are loose out there and someone’s just got to do something about it. And I have to watch them do it.

It’s for the good of mankind.


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