It’s almost as if, regardless of what preparations you do to avoid it, the week leading up to Christmas is a nonstop jumble of last minute gift buying, ribbon curling, cooking baking, and running to the store for more tape [how is it that I am always running to the store for tape?!] And by almost I mean its exactly like that – every year.

For the past couple years, my parents have become very involved with a charity, Embrace Kids. Each year they “adopt” and provide Christmas for a family with a child with a lifelong illness. I attended the gift exchange for the first time earlier this week and it really was a remarkable night. Battling leukemia, this fourteen year old boy and his family had such a positive outlook that is still moving me. It’s a flaw in my makeup [and probably a flaw in the makeup of most of humankind] that I need a situation as saddening and dire as a child with leukemia to remind me of what’s important. Running out of glue in my glue pen that can only be purchased online and would not ship in time for the holidays is not the end of the world [although you wouldn’t have known that based on the fit I threw a few days ago. Doesn’t anyone know of a good craft store in Monmouth/Ocean County, NJ? And no, Micheal’s and A.C. Moore don’t count] But we’re not going to focus on that. Today, I’m making it my goal to focus only on the beauty of the season.

Here goes…


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