Sans Santa

This Christmas, in particular, felt a little bittersweet. My older siblings and I recognize this is probably the last one we will have with a Santa Clause – our much younger sister is ten and while she still believes, you can see the doubt creeping in. The obvious logistical concerns have been brewing for a few months, and she had a major safety meltdown the night before Christmas eve [if he can get in so easily, what’s stopping any body else?!] I have no doubt the rest will come during 2013 and next Christmas will be the first Christmas in my twenty-six years on this Earth without a Santa. I’m a little grumpy about this, and not looking forward to giving up an aspect of the day that my peer group has, in all reality, given up more than a decade ago.

It’s gotten me thinking lately about Santa Claus, and whether or not I’d like my future kids to believe in him.  For me, the season is about pausing for thanks, for giving rather than asking to receive, for appreciation of the beauty around us – whether it be physical beauty, emotional beauty, religious beauty, or any other type of beauty. Does Santa take away from my reasons for the season? Or, better question, is it possible to have him without losing those reasons?  There are some very interesting articles out there, written by parents who told their children about a very different Santa than I knew,  growing up. My favorite: Santa is a fictitious person, representing a real piece of each of us. Santa lives inside of each of us and believing in him shouldn’t be something that ever goes away.
Who knows if I can actually go through it, this modern idea of a Santa. I certainly don’t need to make a decision anytime soon. Did any of you grow up without a Santa? Or know of someone who is currently raising children this way? I’d love to hear!

picture source: flickr via lisa

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