Wardrobe Bucket List

Everyone has one, I’m sure. Actually, I’m jealous of the people who don’t have one because, probably, this means they don’t need one. Before I knew there was a name for it, before there was a movie [which, admittedly,  I’ve never seen] I had one, or rather I had multiples. I have what I call my ultimate bucket list – skydive, visit every continent, learn to speak italian fluently – and I also have smaller bucket lists; equally as important to me but significantly less important in terms of world view and cultural experience. My wardrobe bucket list is probably the smallest of the bunch. Classic items that I would never purchase for myself, that will never go out of style, and that will, in all probability, be passed down to my children [and grandchildren?] one day. A week ago, my wardrobe bucket list had three items on it – the classic tan burberry trench coat, nude Christian Louboutin stilletto’s, and a short mink fur [I know, but I can’t help it]. Today, or rather as of two days ago, I am crossing one of these items off my list.

I’m not sure how you’re going to top this for any and all future Christmases, dear fiancé. But I’ll gladly watch you try.

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