NYE manicure

The first tutorial I ever created on my blog was a half moon manicure [found here]. A few weeks ago I saw Emily sporting a sparkly rendition of this personal favorite of mine and I’ve been working ever since to recreate the look at home. I tried to same process as the original half moon, with disastrous results. I came up with a new method earlier this week and I finally feel happy with the result – just in time for new years.

You’ll need: a base color [I used Essie’s ballet slippers], top coat, glitter, tape, scissors, and a coin [a dime was the right size for my fingers].

let your base color dry overnight

trace and cut out a half circle using the dime. trash the half circle you’ll use the piece that the half circle was cut out of

line up the tape on your nail so the cut-out half circle is lining the area you want to glitter.

paint the area with top coat and pour the glitter on top. the top coat will serve as the glue that holds the glitter to your nail

Once fully dry [at least 20 minutes] apply a top coat over your entire nail. Enjoy!


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