Gone Girl

BR_Gone Gilr

Look ahead at the next few days of your life, if you will, and decide on a one to ten scale how busy your life is going to be. If you’ve come up with anything higher than a four, you might just want to bookmark this page and come back some other time. Gone Girl is, far and away, one of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read. Reading it is like having a passionate, secret love affair – it will consume you and even though you know everything that’s happening is wrong you can’t help yourself, can’t leave it, can’t turn away. Until suddenly it’s ended and the world comes back into focus and you’re left standing there saying what was THAT about?! [this description, from all those  secret love affairs I’ve had. Clearly I know what I’m talking about]

It’s a story about a married couple and explores the idea that, maybe, there’s such a thing as being too right for each other. Everyone talks about love as finding Mr./Mrs. Right but is there a too-right? A so-right-you’re-wrong? I think this is true of Amy and Nick, the main characters of Gillian Flynn’s novel. It’s romantic love story, meets murder mystery, meets twisted psychological thriller and the result is a manipulative, mind-blowing masterpiece. I closed the last page angry, but smiling. I felt manipulated, yet oddly vindicated. And while I can’t say I liked either character alone, together they are perfect.


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