Man vs. Woman

Men sick again 2

If there was ever an actual war between the genders, all the women would have to do is give men the flu. Sure, the women would get sick, too, but they’d still orchestrate a battle plan, attack without mercy, and win the war. Men would whine and cry about being sick and just go to bed early because they can’t handle having a stuffy nose and a mild fever.

My fiance and I hit the ground running this weekend – looking at houses and wedding venues shoved in between all the normal weekend events that seem to always take place. It seems that the long hours of working over the past few weeks have finally caught up to him. If you’re wondering what that looks like around here, just check out this link. It pretty much sums up how men believe this whole sickness thing works [all men? or am I one of the few lucky ones?].

I’m off to pick up more EmergenC…and soup. Look’s like we’ll be needing a lot of both around here for a while.

photo from [here]. witty opening from [here]


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