Comfort Yourself

I heard on the radio earlier that this week is the worst of the year. The holidays are in the distant past, and we’ve all settled back into our routines. The dreary, damp weather hovering over the jersey shore hasn’t helped matters lately, either. It’s a time of year for sweaters, fireplaces, and lots of hot chocolate [preferably spiked. You can try my personal favorite here]. This weather hasn’t been inspiring me to do much lately, but I have managed to scour the internet for the best + comfiest in over-sized sweaters. Since I haven’t made a wishlist on a Wednesday for awhile, I figured this is the perfect opportunity. At the very least, I’ll have warm thoughts.                             Comfy Sweater 1[the perfect blend of over-sized comfort + professional appropriateness]                                                                                                                                                       Comfy Sweater 2[i can just picture this with leggings, on a Sunday, catching up on my DVR]

Comfy Sweater 3[quintessential after work attire.]

Comfy Sweater 4[the epitome of comfort + a nod to my irish roots]


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