Sharp Objects

BR_Sharp ObjectsSince last week’s book review, I’ve been on a bit of a Gillian Flynn kick. Originally, I planned on reading  both of her other novels Sharp Objects Dark Places and doing a two-for-one review this week. Turns out, I’m not superman. This week was a doozy – didn’t anyone else think so? I’m feeling very accomplished professionally this Friday, having successfully checked a variety of things off of my ever-growing to do list. Despite this sense of achievement, this week still took it’s time ending but I guess that’s January at the Jersey shore for you. I’m looking forward to an action packed weekend – taking my parents to see a potential house as well as a potential wedding venue. I’m also heading to Atlantic City with my college roommates for a much anticipated and long-awaited reunion. If your weekend is a bit more relaxing and you find yourself with a few hours [or minutes..] to spare, Sharp Objects is perfect. It’s a quick read, unlike Gone Girl, but it’s not lacking any substance in its brevity. I’m typically pretty good at guessing the ending to mystery-/suspense-type novels and this book was no different but there was a few pretty interesting twists at the end that even I didn’t see coming. It had those same addictive qualities I talked about last week with Gone Girl. Gillian Flynn is a master storyteller and manages to, again, do the impossible – you may hate the characters, but you’ll love the story.


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