Miss America…for president?

Miss A .            I’ve modified my blogging schedule a bit over the last few months. While blogging is something I would love to do everyday [and, let’s be honest, I’ve never once been accused of not having anything to say] its just not working out with my work schedule. I don’t feel comfortable publishing at a quality much below perfect and in looking back over the last few month there have been a variety of embarrassing mistakes. [Case in point: twice in the last six months I used your for you’re. Can you find them? That’s one of my biggest pet peeves, too. Mortifying.]  So I’ve been sticking to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday routine and it’s really been working. Somehow yesterday escaped me completely so we’re breaking our new tradition and posting on a Thursday. Here goes…

With shows like Toddlers & Tiara’s and the ridiculous spin-off Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo, I’ve been known to get extremely judge-y about beauty pageants. No one enjoys reality television more than me, the Real Housewives of every available city tops my current list although I lived for Laguna Beach and The Hills back before it was cool to do so.

I recently read an article about the ‘new’ Miss America pageant and how girls are now using the pageant as a stepping stone to politics in Washington. While I found parts of the article to be a stretch [the Miss America schedule is very similar to that of a small-town mayor? Really?] it was  interesting and, quite frankly, reassuring. Girls without substance have become  something to aspire to lately – thanks to the forty-seven Kardashian spinoff shows and the Jersey Shore. I’m not sure I can ever forgive MTV for doing that to my Jersey Shore, although the many small business that have flourished as a result certainly help. And while I would never use the word feminist to describe myself, I’m feeling very you-go-girl about the new mindset of pageant girls. 

Still, if Honey Boo-Boo ever runs for Senate, I’m moving to Italy. Permanently.


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