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Cold Day in Hell

I’m sitting here by my window, writing this post, and every so often I look up, waiting for a pig to fly past my window. Why? My Friday book reviews have become a week highlight for me. It’s cathartic […timeout. I opened another tab on my computer to double check my spelling of cathartic. My spelling was correct but the word apparently means a purging of bowel movements. Allow me to regress.] My Friday book reviews are a relaxing and thoroughly enjoying end to my week. I enjoy the time I spend writing them but even more so, I enjoy the time I spend deciding what book to write about. It is often that I read more than one book in a week and the reflection process I go through to decide which one, or ones – if its a good week, get reviewed is enjoyable for me. [You’ll have to excuse the overwhelming use of the word enjoy in this post. I’m reeling from all the times I’ve misused the word cathartic. Someone help a sister out – doesn’t cathartic also mean a release or purging of emotion? A feeling of peace and relaxation? No? OH GOD who have I said cathartic in front of?!]

This week, as I sit here to begin that reflection process, I realize I did not read a single book. Read: as in open, begin, start, commence. I did, however, catch up on both this week’s and last week’s People magazine as well as this months Marie Clare, Vanity Fair, and Cosmopolitan. I learned that Jennifer Lopez is in a good place with her life, Bethenny Frankel is officially divorcing husband Jason [status of my heart: broken], Jennifer Lawrence is the coolest girl I’ve ever read an interview of and we’d absolutely be best friends if we ever met. [For the record, I also think this about Chelsea Handler, Ashley Olsen, and Jennifer Aniston. Give me ten minutes in a room with each of them. They’re my soul mates.] I learned the single guy scene in China is getting dire [This is what happens when you refuse to acknowledge girls as productive members of society. You have a generation of single men and a society in fear of population decline. Does anyone else see the irony in China now worrying about a decrease in their population?] and that Essie just came out with nail stickers, which are far cuter than Sally Hansen’s. It’s been a busy week. I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend and, yes, reading a good book. 



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