tomorrow  If you were to believe my grandmama [and you should, she’s a very wise woman] every event, every moment in your life has meaning and purpose. sometimes that meaning is difficult to decipher, other times its crystal clear. this week has been one of those crystal-clear weeks for me. it started off gloriously, the snapshot above being an accurate depiction of my days from saturday through wednesday. all the stress of work + house-hunting + day to day nonsense could not have been further away and it was a pretty clear cut reminder to straighten priorities and take time for what’s important. now the week has ended and with the weekend comes another reminder to hold those near and dear to you close. i’m probably guiltier than most of giving people the oh-tomorrow. oh, tomorrow i’ll play a game outside with you. oh, tomorrow i’ll call to make plans to catch up with you. oh, tomorrow. every so often, the universe has it’s way of reminding you tomorrow isn’t a given and you just better cherish what you have while you have it. only if you’re very lucky will it be yours tomorrow. 


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