So Seuss

Maybe it’s the avid reader in me [or the wannabe writer, or the educator…] but for me Dr. Seuss is magic. He’s written over 40 books – 40 books! – and with each one of them shares an valued lesson, or an important message. In honor of Dr. Seuss’s 109th birthday tomorrow I found it only fitting that I share my favorite Dr. Seuss book of all time, in lieu of a review [that rhymes].  It’s a common one, certainly one you’ve read before. I love how he explains life’s gloomiest moments as whimsical and fun. And while the obvious message in the book is to go out and find your own way,  don’t be afraid to fail, the message I always hear is keep it fun. Anyone can have fun during the high times in life, but can you have fun when the pendulum isn’t swinging your way? Can you laugh during the storm? Appreciate the beauty in the things and people around you, even when the glass isn’t rose-colored? Thank you, Dr. Seuss, for once again reminding me – isn’t fun the best thing to have?


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