talk it out

There’s the old saying that everyone wants what they can’t have. Growing up, that sentiment was usually directed towards me when someone exclaimed their jealousy of my curly hair, to which I always promptly displayed my most disgusted face. I’ve long since accepted my curls, and though it took 20+ years, finally won the battle against them. Nowadays, inspirational speaking tops my list of wants-that-I-don’t-have. I’m amazed at those who can do it all –  speak eloquently, humorously, and still display a serious message. Like most adults I can do all of those things but absolutely not at the same time. At my very best, you’ll get two of the three. One of my favorite bloggers [and a major inspiration for this blog, see inspiration side bar] shared this video last week. Ash Beckham now holds the number two spot on the list of gay women I’d go gay for [Ellen DeGeneres is obviously number one] and as someone who is around young teens every day, I couldn’t agree more with her message.

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