pie for a pi

Not that I ever need an excuse to bake, but this week provided me with a great one. As a math teacher, pi day is one of those days that I always feel like I should capitalize on [I mean, how often are teenagers excited about math?!] but rarely do. This year I told myself, come hell or high water [kidding, kidding sandy – we’ve had all the high water we can take around these parts lately] I’m throwing a pi day celebration this year. I have pinterest and my current fascination for making all food mini to thank for how I spent my Tuesday night this week but even I have to admit, my mini pie’s came out really cute. And although making 50 mini pie’s using only one mini cupcake tray was the world’s worst idea ever, the process was easy enough to recommend doing again – assuming one has the capabilities of cooking more than 12 at a time. The original recipe I found online [which promptly disappeared into cyber space] included directions for making your own pie crust and filling. Because I’m not bat-shit crazy, I opted for Pillsbury refrigerated pie dough and ShopRite brand apple and blueberry filling. How can you go wrong with a recipe that calls for two ingredients?

Mini Pie 1Mini Pie 2      [use a glass to create perfect circles + place on bottom of pam-lined mini cupcake tray]Mini Pie 3                                    [fill with pie filling. i used apple and blueberry] Mini Pie 4 [use another circle to create your pie top. i mixed it up between this traditional pie top and the basket weaving, shown in the next picture] Mini Pie 5                                            [bake for 10-12 minutes at 375 + enjoy!]


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