springtime benny

BensimonMonths ago, I mentioned I was brainstorming on how to incorporate one huge love of my life currently missing from this blog. It’s difficult to do, since although I love to travel in a way many people love to travel I don’t exactly enjoy traveling the way they do. I mentioned here that it took me weeks of living in Rome before I even made it to the Colosseum. And though I’ve been back to Rome many times since [and promptly left a bigger piece of my heart behind each time] I haven’t returned to the Colosseum, and probably won’t.  My favorite place in my favorite city is a place most born-and-bred Romans don’t know about, and I love it that way.

Once, in Paris, I found myself with an entire afternoon completely to myself. The group I was with decided to take a walking tour of the city and, having opted out immediately, I decided to go on a walking tour of my own. I window shopped in stores where a shirt cost more than all the money in my bank account at the time, I turned a cartwheel on the running path along the Sienne and was asked to take “a few” pictures [read: like, 20] of an adorably french couple celebrating their one year anniversary. During all of this, I noticed that almost every woman I came in contact with was wearing this same pair of adorable little shoes: if a ballet flat and a sneaker made a baby, and that baby got every good gene from both shoes, this shoe would be it. I finally got the nerve to ask the woman half of the adorable french couple what they were. They were Bensimon. Every year, as spring approaches, I start lusting after a pair of bensimon flats but never actually go through with buying a pair. It’s not the price, they’re relatively reasonable [and lets be honest, I’ve certainly spent far more on shoes in the past] but having diagnosed myself with foot claustrophobia years ago [remember my aversion to boots?] I just could never imagine myself choosing to wear close-toe shoes, when sandals were also an option. I decided this year to finally give in. And although I don’t have any immediate plans to return to Paris I like knowing that when I do, I’ll fit right in with the locals.


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