this hump.

Life 5With spring break just around the corner, work has picked up lately in a major way. I feel like this always happens, despite my many attempts to avoid it. I’m a firm believer in handing in things days before the deadline – not only does that show a certain level of professionalism and time management skills that are important regardless of your profession, but I also love to make lists and really love to cross things off of them. You would think that I would be capable of avoiding the mad rush of nonsense that has to get done before you send your students off to far-away lands where they do lots of things that don’t involve retaining anything you’ve ever said to them. [seriously, the vacations kids take today are unreal] Somehow, that’s never the case. I’m taking a minute this hump day to look at the funny and relaxing things in my life [and on my iPhone]: a beautiful view of my Jersey Shore, a decadent dessert, a funny sign [in a bathing suit store, no less], and a perfect example of teenage humor. Happy hump day!

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