the book thief

Book Thief

I originally picked up this book in 2006, which is crazy, since it simultaneously feels like yesterday and forever ago. I had heard amazing things about it so when I found it on sale at Marshall’s I grabbed it. I got through about 2 chapters before giving up – its a book about the Holocaust and it’s written from Death’s viewpoint and, honestly, it was just too deep for my sleep-until-noon-college-frat-party brain. Not that its necessarily deep [I guess I was just that shallow…] but its certainly a serious book and I recommend being in the mood for serious when deciding to read it. The thing that turned me away from the book in 2007, being written by Death, as though he’s a person, became the thing I enjoyed most. I appreciate the challenge that went into writing from that point of view and, let me tell you, Markus Zusak nailed it. Make time for this one, it’s worth it.


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