looking back, moving forward

LBIfive months ago, words like “contents insurance” and “fema” were not in my vocabulary. five months ago, my family’s boat was in our backyard and the only thought I had about summer 2013 was that it should come quicker than it is. A lot can happen it five months. As a community, the Jersey Shore is hoping that the next sixty days can bring about a lot of improvement to our towns and to our beaches. Ready or not, memorial day is sixty days away…and we need to be ready. Happily, we’ve come a long way from this but the entire Jersey Shore still has a long way to go. There’s a million ways you can help and if you’re looking to, here are a few of my favorites.

Help rebuild the boardwalk: buy a board in Lavallette or Belmar

Need plans for this weekend? Attend the 10th Avenue Freeze-Out: Rebuilding Manasquan [you know I’ll be there!]

And of course, the best way to support us is to come back to see us in 60 days! We’ll be ready, we promise!


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