life, lately

Books 2 BooksIf nothing else, life certainly knows how to keep a girl on her toes. This past week has brought about many new developments – good and bad. On the bright side, I have an official closing date for the new home I just purchased, I’m up to my eyeballs in home decor idea’s and DIY projects, my fiance and I [tentatively, maybe, hopefully] settled on a wedding venue, and spring is finally in the air. Ok, so I can’t feel it yet but my allergies are acting up and at this point I’ll take anything I can get in terms of signs of springs arrival. I’m downsizing in a big way over the next couple days [which is ironic considering that in terms of house size and space availability I’m actually up-sizing] and I’ll be selling some of my favorite reads featured here on the blog [here’s a small sneak peak] and some other fantastic ones that just haven’t made it on here.. The pictures above show my current solution to the overabundance of books [and wine…] problem I’m currently dealing with. My two greatest loves, combined: great wine and a good book. I’ll also be selling clothes, shoes, and other passionate loves of mine that just don’t get worn and take up unnecessary room in my closet. Anyone else famous for buying things, ripping tags off of them, and never placing them on their body? Keep a lookout – links will be posted once I figure this whole ebay thing out =)


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