random acts

Shrimp box 1This weekend marked the end of Jersey Shore restaurant week. My fiance and I made a point to go out as often as we could [it was difficult work, let me tell you] and support our local small businesses, some of which opened up during restaurant week for the first time since Sandy. We hit up a few new places which is always fun but ended the week with an oldie but goodie on the marina in point pleasant. The Shrimp Box has always been one of our favorite places to eat. It’s walking distance to the beach and, really, their slogan says it best: “we overlook nothing but the harbor”. They have a delicious salad bar, strong martini’s, and  some of the freshest seafood around. It’s off the beaten path so if your a benny reading this [and I say this lovingly…] you just got yourself an inside scoop on a local favorite.

While there, we noticed a little old man sitting by himself at the table behind us. I first noticed him on my way back from the salad bar and there was just this sadness about him that really spoke to me. He appeared content enough, enjoying some seafood and nonalcoholic beer [too cute, I know, I couldn’t handle it either] while enjoying the view in the picture above. I couldn’t shake the feeling though and kept bringing him up during our meal. We wound up paying the bill for this man’s meal, a random act of kindness we planned on doing anonymously but his waitress was so taken aback that she spilled the beans to him. And I’m so glad she did. Although we never got his name, we wound up talking to him for awhile and learned that he’s in point pleasant after being displaced by Sandy. He lost everything – his house, his car, his boat – and has been living in temporary housing since. He couldn’t get over our random act and the tears in his eyes and look of appreciation on his face isn’t one I’ll soon forget. For years I’ve been saying I wanted to do a random act of kindness and I’m not sure what took me so long. Don’t make the same mistake I did – I certainly won’t wait this long to do it again =)

Shrimp box 2Shrimp box 3


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