beautiful women

I’m sure you’ve all seen Dove’s newest beauty campaign [here…if you’ve been living under a rock lately]. Although I loved it, I can’t say that I relate because I believe if someone who never saw me, and never will, asked me what I looked like I’d suddenly become Heidi Klum’s identical twin. I mean, why not? Right? My hair…ok, well it does this crazy thing where it doesn’t matter how humid it gets outside it just will. not. frizz. I don’t know why. And my pores, I mean, I have them – who doesn’t, right? – but I’m telling you, you would just not know by looking at my face. It’s like a genetic mutation, or something. Freakishly small pores.

I found this parody the other day on one of my favorite blogs and…I guess I’m a guy, at heart. This is exactly what I would do. I’d like to think people wouldn’t describe me in a way too far from what I described myself but, just in case, I’m not ever going to ask [and also, I haven’t been wrong once. In my whole life. So…there’s that.]

Watch it, below. Too funny.


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