Girls lenaGirls 2There are two tv shows that I look forward to all week long and that get me giddy with excitement just talking about them. Girls began shooting its third season this week and the pictures surfacing on the web has me ready to squeal like a…well, girl. I can’t stop thinking about the third season [an air date of which has yet to be released] and what Lena Dunham, current holder of my if-only-i-was-gay heart, has in store. Charlie’s gone, Shosh is single and deflowered, and where in the world is Jessa? Couple that with a sneak peek into the last season of Dexter and, there’s only so much a girl can take. Are there any current shows that you look forward to each week – or new ones coming up that you just can’t wait for? I’d love to hear! For my fellow Dexter-aholics, catch the sneak peek below…

pics above c/o here


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