gatsbyThere is no written work acceptable to discuss today other than The Great Gatsby. It’s a longtime favorite of mine, as it takes place in my favorite era – the roaring 20s. I’m not one to believe in reincarnation [nor am I one to not believe in it…my mental jury is still out] but my connection to the 1920s leaves me with no other option. I simply must have been a flapper in another life. And I must have lived in Atlantic City, and smoked skinny cigarettes, and wore fabulous clothes bought for me by all my gentleman suitors. Some things are just known to be facts: this is one of them.

Spend the first part of the weekend re-reading this classic [or reading for the first time. I met two grown women today who have never read this book and I’m still recovering.] Then put on some red lipstick, put a feather in your headband and take your mama to go see the movie this weekend. I can’t think of a more perfect Mother’s Day gift.


5 thoughts on “Gatsby

  1. Totally agree about mother’s day. I’m far away from my mom but we both went to see the movie at the same time today and had a lot of fun chatting about it afterwards. My sister did this as well, but she took it a step further dressing up as a flapper. I also just got the audio book from audibles and am loving experiencing one of my favorite books in so many different ways.

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