talenti[my newest shoprite discovery. run, don’t walk.]

The past few weeks have been a decorating-filled, money-spending frenzy. Now, I can’t say I wasn’t warned. I just assumed that, as always, I would be the exception. We moved into this house with the majority of our major ticket items already purchased – we had a couch we adore, a dining room table, and a bed. In terms of necessities, what else do we really need? Well, funny you should ask. The list of things that I simply just need in my life now borders on the absurd. Here are a few of my recently purchased needs. And while I know they’re not actual needs I think we all agree that a little pop of fun, some greenery and delicious smells just make life a little better.

Polka Dot Straws[even something simple, like getting a drink, becomes a party with these]

Plant Hanger[great for indoors, or out. Photo courtesy of  wollypocket]

Kai deo[delicious. And I hear Charlize Theron wears it. I can stand for smelling like her]

monkey butter[white chocolate pretzel and salted caramel peanut butter? Don’t mind if I do]


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